The 30th ISANA International Education Association was held at the Bayside Eden, Melbourne, 3rd – 6th December 2019.       


Theme: Leading and inspiring through collaboration: Student wellbeing and support services, today and tomorrow.

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Oral (25 mins) Connectivity Utilising student-led Peer Mentoring to address identified health risks and support gaps Krystal Agourram  
Oral (25 mins) Communication and information From the W-curve model to N-curve model: toward a new understanding of the re-entry experiences of returning international students after studying abroad. A case study of Saudi Arabia. Naif Daifullah Z Alsulami N/A
Oral (25 mins) Connectivity Water safety and enjoyment for international students: A partnerships approach Nan Bahr N/A
Keynote Keynote The changing focus on the student experience in the context of emerging institutional challenges and developments Melissa Banks
Panel Panel Is it the provider’s responsibility to prepare international students for employment? Rachael Baron
Keynote Keynote Why professionalise? Have we done enough to support international students (and enrolling providers) with qualified staff? Chris Beard
Oral (25 mins) Enablers Addressing exploitation of international students at work and in accommodation: What information and services can make a difference? Laurie Berg N/A
Oral (25 mins) Connectivity Getting started at Monash: student aMigos Wendy Blastock N/A
Panel Enablers Inspiring change: Working with new partners James Borman
Oral (25 mins) Enablers Giving ELICOS students a voice through quality assurance Ana Bratkovic
Oral (25 mins) Communication and information Starting a new page – awareness of the harm & risk of gaming and gambling Wun Kwan Chan N/A
Oral (25 mins) Communication and information Collaborative student-led strategies and communication as a driver of safety and wellbeing. Robert Chasse N/A
Oral (25 mins) Communication and information A comparison of Overseas Student Health Cover Alison Coelho
Oral (25 mins) Oral (25 mins) ISANA 30th Anniversary Retrospective – Looking Forward, Looking Back Melanie Duncan N/A
Workshop (60 mins) Connectivity Collaborative Supervision: Best practice to improve student well-being and empowering student services staff Zoe Fang, Helen Nicholls-Stary, Lisa Trevaskis
Oral (25 mins) Enablers Medical student support project – enabling our future doctors to thrive Catherine Fitzgerald N/A
Panel Panel What does the research tell us about international student mental health? Helen Forbes-Mewett N/A
Oral (25 mins) Oral (25 mins) Contact Points: Enabling international students during critical incidents Catherine Gomes
Keynote Keynote Leading and inspiring through collaboration: A view from Austrade and state and territory destination partners on the promise of international education Rebecca Hall N/A
Keynote Keynote 30 years in international education: A journey? Tracy Harris N/A
Workshop (60 mins) Workshop (60 mins) PRISMS Admission and Compliance Masterclass Ben Houston
Oral (25 mins) Enablers Have you done your check-ins? An approach to identifying students at-risk at the Centre for Languages, Wintec. Karen Kemsley
Oral (25 mins) Enablers Coordinating Committees: from the 1950s to the 1990s – the origins of international student support and community engagement Anna Kent
Oral (25 mins) Connectivity “You already know somebody”: The International Postgraduate Student Mentoring Project Georgia Killick N/A
Oral (25 mins) Enablers Support international student’s wellbeing by understanding the culture and language differences – focus on the Chinese student cohort Nick Ko, Jack Yang
Oral (25 mins) Connectivity Capacity building as a pathway to studnet wellbeing Chris Lee N/A
Panel Panel Why student leadership? Gary Lee N/A
Student Oral (25 mins) Communication and information Fighting hidden sexism: findings from Tea Talks for international students Belle Lim
Oral (25 mins) Enablers AUT Student Association – Foodie Godmother (free pantry, community gardens and all day breakfast initiative) Mauricio Lozano N/A
Oral (25 mins) Connectivity Capacity building as a pathway to student wellbeing Kathryn Lysons N/A
Oral (25 mins) Enablers Student Orientation: With the students and for the students Mahin Mahjabeen N/A
Oral (25 mins) Enablers Provider intervention strategies for students at risk of unsatisfactory course progress. Klara Major
Workshop (60 mins) Connectivity Remembering our Rs – Good Pastoral Care is very important in building reputation,retention and recommendation for a sustainable effect in recruitment through word of mouth marketing Terry McGrath
Oral (25 mins) Oral (25 mins) “You already know somebody”: The International Postgraduate Student Mentoring Project Ashleigh Mcintyre N/A
Oral (25 mins) Enablers Giving students the edge on their pathway to a fulfilling career Katie McPhee
Oral (25 mins) Connectivity Working collaboratively to keep students safe: A beach and water safety program in NSW Belinda Meggitt N/A
Oral (25 mins) Connectivity Education Queensland International presents ‘Your Passport to Queensland’: Get ready to play with an innovative orientation app for international students Lena Mete N/A
Oral (25 mins) Oral (25 mins) Solider, aeroplane, chicken – swimming at the City Baths.  RMIT and Medibanks remarkable partnership encouraging water safety and water familiarisation for international students Joy Mustapha, Paula Soon N/A
Oral (25 mins) Enablers IT’S MORE THAN JUST A COFFEE BUZZ..How a weekly, on campus, pop-up Cafe for International students changed the student experience and created a true sense of community and connectedness. Louise Myers N/A
Oral (25 mins) Communication and information Factors contributing to obtaining employment in China: Australian Chinese Graduates experiences Jasvir Kaur Nachatar Singh
Oral (25 mins) Enablers What the International Student Survey tells us about student wellbeing and support services Steve Nerlich
Oral (25 mins) Connectivity Preparing the next generation of nurses: An across sector collaborative approach Lauren Orlando N/A
Oral (25 mins) Oral (25 mins) Understanding by design: A multisectoral approach to redesigning.  Learning strategies for the nursing curriculum Lauren Orlando, Marsha Nicholson-Ramdeen, Roxann Roberts
Oral (25 mins) Enablers Connecting with community – fostering favourable engagement with families of international students! Emily Tzu-Ping Ou
Oral (25 mins) Enablers Improving student experience outcomes across New Zealand through research, partnership and digital delivery Sahinde Pala
Oral (25 mins) Oral (25 mins) International students’ views on sexual health: A qualitative study at an Australian university Anneka Parker N/A
Oral (25 mins) Connectivity Peer advice, mentoring and providing support to students at La Trobe College Australia Usha Rao
Oral (25 mins) Enablers Engaging with International Students to meet their sexual & reproductive health needs Helen Rogers, Galuh Sapthari N/A
Oral (25 mins) Enablers Identifying the barriers and enablers to accessing sexual health information and services by international students in Australia. Carolyn Slattery
Oral (25 mins) Enablers Cognitive Processing Course: A Student-Faculty Collaborative Program for At-Risk Students Andrea Vaughans N/A
Oral (25 mins) Communication and information Preparing international students for life in Australia: The student perspective on what they need and what they are (not) getting? John Wellard N/A
Oral (25 mins) Connectivity Won’t you please, please help me? Greg Zaharis N/A
Oral (25 mins) Communication and information A diary study examining how international students juggle university study and part-time work commitments Jacky Zhang N/A


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