The 29th ISANA International Education Association was held at The Sydney Masonic Centre, NSW, 4th – 7th December 2018.       


Theme: Educate and collaborate: Inclusive practices to enable international students

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2018 Conference Committee

  • Charlotte Long (Convenor)
  • Catherine Gomes (Scientific Convenor)
  • Bronwyn Gilson (ISANA President)
  • Lyndall Benton
  • Amy Choo
  • Brett Lyon
  • Nuala Myatt-Bocarro
  • Mary Ann Seow

2018 ISANA Program


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Non-Refereed Oral Enablers International student support in the UK: Reflections on 50 years of UKCISA and a look at current projects and research Julie Allen  
Non-Refereed Oral Enablers Enhancing the engagement between the international community and the local community in regional areas by establishment of the international hub in a regional university Dunya Alruhaimi
Non-Refereed Oral Connectivity Stop, Collaborate and Listen: Understanding international student needs in order to foster academic and social inclusion  Dr Clint Arizmendi  N/A
Keynote A Holistic Student Experience – promoting engagement and resilience Prof. James Arvanitakis
Non-Refereed Oral Communication With a little help from my friends: Psychological distress and help-seeking preferences of Chinese students at Victoria University of Wellington Kelly Atherton  
Non-Refereed Oral  Enablers Student Orientation: flexible and dynamic approach to enhance the student experience in a multi-campus diverse institution  Abhishek Awasthi  
Non-Refereed Oral Connectivity Networking after 5 – Collaborating with industry to create purposeful connections between students and the community  Oliver Batten  
Keynote Changing culture, preventing sexual misconduct Prof Eileen Baldry
Non-Refereed Oral Enablers An Introduction to the National Property Accreditation Scheme (NPAS) Rebecca Bendall  N/A
Non-Refereed Oral Connectivity International students’ safety and well-being – police & students working togethers Roger Best  
Non-Refereed Oral Enablers The evolution of the student engagement passport  Anne Burnett
Non-Refereed Oral Enablers Developing international student employability through productive and proactive state-wide partnerships-University of Tasmania  Louise Chesterman
Non-Refereed Oral Doctoral Consortium Spaces of connectedness with international students in schools: Domestic students perspectives  Manaia Chou-Lee  N/A
Panel Discussion Enablers A panel discussion on the increase in the rates of STI’s/BBVs, unplanned pregnancies and terminations among international students Alison Coelho  
Non-Refereed Oral Sexuality Symposium How high is too high? Data analysis on the rates of STIs/BBV, terminations and unplanned pregnancies among international students in Australia  Alison Coelho  
Non-Refereed Workshop Connectivity Carrots and sticks: The impact of compliance on international student experience Dr Paula Durance  
Non-Refereed Oral Enablers Life, love and friends – creating connectivity through healthy relationships! – Creating connections that thrive! Diana Earl  
Non-Refereed Oral Enablers Engage. Evolve. Empower. Rima Elhage  
Non-Refereed Oral Enablers Exploitation of international students in the workplace: Why do so few come forward? Bassina Farbenblum  
Non-Refereed Workshop Connectivity PRISMs and the National Code Brett Galt-Smith, Ben Houston
Non-Refereed Oral Enablers Embedding a digital literacy activity in a museum environment in a 1st Year Doctor of Optometry curriculum  Heather Guant  
Non-Refereed Oral Communication Transient homes: A visual material perspective of international students in the city  A/Prof. Catherine Gomes  
Non-Refereed Workshop Doctoral Consortium Publishing, funding and networking: Strategies for PhD candidates and early career researchers   A/Prof. Catherine Gomes  
Non-Refereed Oral Sexuality Symposium Student-led and student-centred: Better supporting international students’ legal needs  Kate Goodwin, Nadia Morales    FLYER
Pre-Conference Workshop  Enablers Improving University transition rates through goal setting  Meera Gopalkrishna
Non-Refereed Oral Enablers NSW Government collaborates with international education stakeholders to enhance student experience  Chris Holmes, Nuala Myatt-Bocarro  
Non-Refereed Oral Connectivity Transforming weekly morning teas into re-orientation – A peer mentor’s perspective on student engagement and community building  Shawna Hooton, Vinh Dang  
Non-Refereed Oral Connectivity Planning for sucess(ion): Co-creating a pipeline for the smooth transition of leadership in Peer Mentor social programs Shawna Hooton, Arthur Yeow  
Non-Refereed Workshop Communication Local government’s role in international education: Welcoming, wellbeing and work-integrated learning  Anouschka Inglis
Non-Refereed Oral Enablers Positive change for students with disabilities through the development of culturally sensitive disability-inclusive practices in domestic and international education programs Alexandra Kay, Justin Vandertouw
Non-Refereed Oral Connectivity Using interns to help enable International student success in health and well being  Nick Ko
Non-Refereed Workshop Enablers An Australian academic in China: Lessons learned for those working with Chinese international students in Australia  Dr Angela Lehmann  
Non-Refereed Oral Connectivity ISEAA (International Student Education Agents Association) – a collaborative approach to building a secure future for Australia’s international education industry Melanie Macfarlane  
Non-Refereed Workshop Enablers Sexual health promotion among international students: carrots and sticks  Limin Mao, Priyadi Prihaswan  
Non-Refereed Oral Enablers When do you turn 18?  Wintec’s collaborative approach to keeping young internationals happy & safe  Sally McGill, Susan Ye  
Non-Refereed Oral Enablers A report on community engagement training in New Zealand Terry Mcgrath
Non-Refereed Oral Doctoral Consortium Experiences of international postgraduate students through practitioner findings and the student voice  Terry Mcgrath
Non-Refereed Oral Enablers OERuniversitas: A Trans-National Consortium offering free courses using micro-credits  Prof. Rory McGreal
Non-Refereed Oral Enablers A collaboration model for student support Marsha Nicholson-Ramdeen, Lauren Orlando
Non-Refereed Oral Enablers Effective practice in International Student mental health Sophie O’Keefe  
Non-Refereed Oral Connectivity Good things come to those who collaborate: Working together to enhance the student experience  Nicole Patterson
Non-Refereed Oral Enablers The enabled student – working together to create inclusive and fair workplaces  Louise Peters  
Non-Refereed Oral Enablers Educate and collaborate to keep students and staff safe  Usha Rao  
Non-Refereed Oral Connectivity The Council for International Education: Student Services Working Group David Riordan
Keynote Global connectivity and its ethical challenges in education Prof. Fazal Rizvi
Non-Refereed Oral Enablers Bridging the gap: bespoke library services for international student success Hossain Salahuddin, Meijun Huang  
Non-Refereed Oral Connectivity From pathway to University – Critical factors in a successful transition  Mary Ann Seow, Ewa Rutt
Non-Refereed Oral Connectivity  I-LEAD: An international student leadership committee; putting international student voices at the centre of what we do Joanna Shaw
Non-Refereed Oral Enablers Enhancing international student employability through Australian cultural education and staff collaboration: The UNSW Professional Development Program (International Students) Vanessa Mastro, Louise Shinners  N/A  Webpage
Non-Refereed Oral Connectivity GenIn: Student Innovation Challenge  Megan Short  
Non-Refereed Oral Sexuality Symposium HIV & international students: Challenges & successes of the multicultural HIV and hepatitis service Natali Smud  
Non-Refereed Oral Enablers Enhancing the experience of under 18 year students – Monitoring welfare and accommodation under a CAAW  Louise Tabrum
Non-Refereed Oral Connectivity Learning “to adult” – supporting international students under 18 Trish Taggart, Renee de Simone
Non-Refereed Oral Enablers Fifty shades of success  Jieyan (Mera) Tan  
Non-Refereed Oral Connectivity Queensland Student Hub network  Mohit Trivedi
Non-Refereed Oral Enablers Bringing wellbeing into the role of International Student Advisor  Debbie Vadasz, Helen Warren  
Keynote Working with students for students: Engaging all student voices in tertiary institution decision making in Australia Dr Sally Varnham  
Non-Refereed Workshop Enablers Managing under 18s – a school’s perspective for compliance and support across a large system Elisabeth Webber, Elvia Cacciotti
Non-Refereed Oral Communication International students and pre-departure information: What are they getting and what do they need?  Dr John Wellard
Non-Refereed Oral Enablers The #InternCrisis in 2018 and challenges faced by international medical students in NSW Henness Wong  


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