The 28th ISANA International Education Association & the 22nd Australia and New Zealand Student Services Association Conference was held at The Star, Gold Coast, 5th – 8th December 2017.



Theme: Widening Perspectives of Student Success

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Bronwyn Gilson (ISANA) Catherine Gomes (ISANA) Mary Anne Seow, National President, ISANA International Education Association
Brad Inglis (ANZSSA) Cathy Stone (ANZSSA) Jordi Austin, President, Australian New Zealand Student Services Association Inc.
Clare Moseley (ANZSSA) Annie Andrews (ANZSSA) Tom Bayliss-Hack
Sarah Sekulic
Samantha Hilbig
Karen Davis
Christie White


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Non-Refereed Oral  Connectivity International students and the NZ Police: A collaborative safety initiative Mr Dylan Anderson  
Non-Refereed Oral Communication and Information Mental health screening in an international university residential centre Lisa Bernstein,
Melissa J. Taylor
Non-Refereed Oral  Other  Bring it in-house! An under 18 guardianship case study. Ms Molly Bonnefin,
Mr Patrick Ashe
Non-Refereed Oral Enablers Under the radar: Report on the mental health of Australian university students Ms Vivienne Brown,
Jeremy Cass
Non-Refereed Oral  Connectivity  Ready, Set, Go! The Lifecycle of Successful Student Transition Ms Cheryl Burgess,
Ms Karen Newson
Non-Refereed Oral Connectivity A decade of Mentoring at Griffith: reflections on the achievements and limitations of a model of central support for local peer mentoring solutions. Ms Laura Chandler,
Nathan Seng
Non-Refereed Oral Connectivity and Communication The Cultural and Digital Transition of Saudi Female International Students in Australia Shanton Chang,
Haifa Binsahl,
Rachelle Bosua
Refereed Full Paper Oral Communication and Information Enhancing student disclosure: Australia’s invisible equity students and reasons for non-disclosure in Australia’s tertiary sector Dr Colin Clark,
Ms Rita Kusevskis-Hayes,
Mr Matthew Wilkiinson
Non-Refereed Oral Connectivity The use of peer education model to tackle sexual health issues among international students in Australia Ms Alison Coelho,
Ms Dolly Hoang,
Dr Masha Mikola
Non-Refereed Oral Enablers International Student Sexual Health Network: Advocating for the Sexual Health and Wellbeing of International Students Ms Alison Coelho,
Dr Georgia Babatsikos,
Non-Refereed Workshop Connectivity Pilot training for professional working with international students Ms Alison Coelho,
Mr Budi Sudarto,
Dr Shanton Chang,
Dr Georgia Babatsikos
Panel Discussion Connectivity Sexual and reproductive health of international students Ms Alison Coelho,
Dr Shanton Chang,
Dr Georgia Babatsikos,
Mr Budi Sudarto
ePoster Communication and Information Meta-cognition Skills built through Collaborative Exercises in the Introduction of Marketing Mr Ron Colley,
Mrs Stephanie Joshua-Anandappa,
Dr Dinusha Dharmaratna,
Mr John Zamen
ePoster Enablers The VET Student Loans Ombudsman and the Overseas Students Ombudsman Mr Ron Colley  
Non-Refereed Oral Enablers The Overseas Students Ombudsman: when things go wrong – what we can learn from current issues in student complaints Mr Ron Colley
Non-Refereed Oral Enablers Study Abroad and Student Success: What’s the Connection? Ms Rebecca Cozens,
Dr Amanda Daly,
Dr Matthew Xerri
Non-Refereed Oral  Enablers Enabling student success in Victoria: student projects funded by Study Melbourne Ms Diana Crvenkovic N/A
Non-Refereed Oral  Enablers – Employability NSW Government collaborates with international education stakeholders to enhance student experience Mr Robin Daroczy  
Non-Refereed Oral Enablers – Employability University wide peer programs as a pathway to on-campus opportunity and employment: The missing link in graduate employability Miss Caitlyn Dexter N/A
ePoster Communication and Information Impact of Peer-review assessments on student engagement in MCD2090 – Macroeconomics Dr Dinusha Dharmaratna,
Mrs Stephanie Joshua-Anandappa,
Mr John Zamen
Non-Refereed Oral Enablers International Student & Alumni Satisfaction Survey 2017 – Results and Key Findings for Australian and New Zealand Universities Mr Shane Dillon  
Plenary Keynote Empowering First Nations as co-producers of learning, not mere recipients of teaching Tony Dreise N/A
Non-Refereed Oral Connectivity Understanding well-being and mental health amongst higher degree research students – a framework for change Dr Heidi Ellemor N/A
Pre-Conference Workshop Protecting Your Investment: What you can do to maximize student persistence Dr Jim Elliott
Non-Refereed Oral Communication and Information Great Education Agents lead to a Great Start to Overseas Study Mrs Emilia Fields N/A
Non-Refereed Oral Communication and Information Connect. Connect. Connect. Helena Finau,
Andrew Tui,
Jasmine Patel Govind
Non-Refereed Oral Connectivity Disconnections with the Host Nation and the Significance of International Student Communities: Asian International Students in Australia Dr Catherine Gomes  
Non-Refereed Workshop Enablers Becoming a competitive academic candidate – A workshop for doctoral candidates and early career researchers Dr Catherine Gomes,
A/Prof Shanton Chang
Non-Refereed Oral Connectivity Connecting our Students from the “Space In-Between Mr George Greig,
Ms Tanya Savage
Non-Refereed Oral Communication and Information You did what?!! The benefits of collaborating with students on risk behaviours outside the classroom. Ms Jane Gunn-lewis,
Ms Louisa Samson
Non-Refereed Workshop Connectivity ‘Respect. Now. Always.’: working together to address sexual violence in university communities Dr Renee Hamilton N/A
Non-Refereed Oral Enablers Enabling Students in a Multicultural Institute Mrs Nicole Henry,
Mrs Nippy Paea,
Ms Helen Berdebes
Non-Refereed Oral Communication and Information Pathways to Professional Development through a Scholar-Practitioner Model Beth Isensee,
Nasreen Mohamed
Non-Refereed Workshop Other

Defining, measuring and supporting international student success

Beth Isensee,
Nasreen Mohamed
Non-Refereed Oral Connectivity International Students’ gateway to personal and academic success Ms Anna Jenkins
Non-Refereed Oral Communication and Information The Deakin Student Mentor Community of Practice: Belonging, Confidence, Connectedness and Wellbeing Ms Dawn Jones,
Ms Kate Artz
Plenary Keynote

Engaging students for success: Integrating pedagogical approaches, student experiences and desired outcomes

Professor Lily Kong
Non-Refereed Oral Connectivity

Planning for reintegration – when international students return home

Mr Timothy Lawther  
Refereed Full Paper Oral Communication and Information Seeking academic help: A case study of peer brokering interactions Ms Sherrie Lee  
Non-Refereed Oral Connectivity

Improving student success through engagement opportunities at Massey University Student Association (MUSA)

Ms Gunhild Litwin,
Ms Kerry Howe
Non-Refereed Oral Enablers Nurse Practitioner model of health care Mrs Allison Love,
Mrs Sarah Hesse
Non-Refereed Workshop Transforming education spaces for Pasifika – implementing a Pasifika Resource Kit within 3 tertiary institutions in Canterbury Pauline Luafutu-Simpson,
Ashalyna Noa,
Sam Uta’I
Non-Refereed Oral Connectivity Summer Internship Program: Providing a holistic learning opportunity for equity students Ms Jessica Luquin,
Ms Jessie Lui,
Ms Rita Kusevskis- Hayes,
Mr Jeffrey Meesterman,
Dr Colin Clark
Non-Refereed Oral Communication and Information The importance of Mental Health Literacy in widening perspectives of student success. Miss Natalie MacKintosh,
Miss Chelsea Ahern
Non-Refereed Oral Communication and Information Using data to meet the needs of students: USQ’s innovative approach to CRM management across Student Services Ms Tessa Mccredie N/A
Refereed Full Paper Oral Communication and Information NavigateMe: A gateway to students’ greatest potential Mr. Jeffrey Meesterman,
Ms. Rita Kusevkis-Hayes,
Dr. Colin Clark,
Ms. Jessie Lui,
Ms. Jessica Luquin,
Non-Refereed Oral Communication and Information Game changer: a student-centred approach to orientation, transition and safety through gamification Mrs Lena Mete,
Mr Jack Stathis
Non-Refereed Oral Enablers Pregnant, parenting and a long way from home: International students in Victoria accessing public maternity, paediatric and early parenting care Ms K. Jane Middleton  
ePoster Connectivity The University of Southern Queensland (USQ) – making allies, forming networks Mrs Clare Moseley,
Mrs Robyn Idewa Gede
Keynote Contextual and situational influences on student success Prof. Karen Nelson  
Non-Refereed Oral Enablers Challenges and issues related to counselling referral in higher education – the professors’ perspectives Mr Steven Ng Poh Yaip,
Miss Ada Chung Yee Lin
Non-Refereed Oral Connectivity L1 scaffolding for international students learning in L2 Mr Titus Ng
Non-Refereed Oral Connectivity Decentred attachments: international Vietnamese doctoral students’ connectedness and connectivity in Australia Ms Lily Nguyen N/A
Non-Refereed Oral Enablers Next steps: enhancing success for students with disabilities in graduate employment Gabrielle O’Brien,
Cathy Easte,
Alisha Larkin,
Natalie Searson,
Jenny O’Neill
Non-Refereed Oral Connectivity StudyAdelaide Employer Portal Campaign to connect international graduates with export-ready businesses Ms Sarah Parrington,
Mrs Karyn Kent,
Mrs Tamara Bjordal
Non-Refereed Oral  Enablers – Employability Successful students – the role of a fair workplace Louise Peters  
Non-Refereed Workshop Other A Professional Development Course for Student Services Staff – Growing Our Own Dr Joanna Peters,
Mr Brendan Mosely
Non-Refereed Workshop Other Improving student sexual wellbeing – A workshop on having conversations around sexual health Mr Priyadi Prihaswan,
Ms Semra Tastan
Non-Refereed Oral Communication and Information Peer advice, support and communication – using students to inform students at La Trobe Melbourne Navitas Bundoora Ltd Mrs Usha Rao  
 Non-Refereed Oral  Connectivity Training and Developing First Year Experience Mentors and Building a Community  Ms Nina Riikonen
Non-Refereed Oral Communication and Information Managing reputational risk: The development of the Queensland Reputational Risk Management framework Mr Gordon Scott,
Mrs Rebecca Hall
Pre-Conference Workshop Managing student critical incidents Mary Ann Seow  N/A
Non-Refereed Oral Enablers Teaching Mindfulness to Students Online Mr Geoffrey Simmons,
Dr Mariagrazia Bellio,
Rev Judy Redman
Refereed Full Paper Oral Enablers ‘Just What the Doctor Ordered’: Promoting Wellbeing with Medical Students Dr Hannah Sloan,
Ms Danielle Clayman
Non-Refereed Oral Communication and Information Peer Academic Coaches: a front line service of the UOW Learning Coop Ms Melissa Stephen,
Ms Melissa Zaccagnini
Non-Refereed Workshop Communication and Information Opportunity through online learning: Improving student access, participation and success in higher education Dr Cathy Stone,
Mr Ed Campbell,
Ms Alicia Zikan
Non-Refereed Oral Connectivity Spinning the web: How we foster successful connections among internal and external stakeholders Ms Jieyan (Mera) Tan,
Dr Chelsea Blickem
Refereed Full Paper Oral Communication and Information Better pathways to success? – A study of foundation studies alumni. Ian Teo,
Shanton Chang
Non-Refereed Oral Connectivity New Colombo Plan: Australians as International Students in Asia and their cross-cultural learning A/Prof. Ly Tran N/A
Non-Refereed Oral Connectivity Intersex, Transgender and Gender Diversity – A Guide Ms Moira Turnbull N/A
Non-Refereed Oral Enablers The Student Health Review: Supporting the health and wellbeing of international students Mrs Kim Turudia,
Dr Adrian Tomyn
Non-Refereed Oral Connectivity Connectivity through sharing of culture: The Global Communicators Program Ms Sharon Twyford,
Ms Melissa Zaccagnini
Non-Refereed Oral Investigating Learning Challenges Facing Tertiary Mainland Chinese Students and Identifying Strategies for Overcoming Them Mr Shanal Dimitri Uduwana N/A
Non-Refereed Oral Enablers Building Positive Homestay Experiences Ms Jennifer Walsh,
Ms Jennifer Chow,
Mr Ian Teo
Non-Refereed Oral  Enablers – Employability Study Gold Coast Employability Program Overview Mrs Shannon Willoughby  
Non-Refereed Oral Enablers Welfare Assistance Essential for Students’ Success Ms Emily Yam,
Mr Hassan Riaz
Non-Refereed Oral Communication and Information Blended Learning: A new approach to peer mentor training Ms Katie Yamaguchi,
Ms Rita Kusevskis-Hayes
 Non-Refereed Oral  Enablers Challenges and Enablers for Study Success for Students Over the Age of 25 Living in Regional Victoria. Mr Jim Young,
Ms Shannon Kerrigan
 Non-Refereed Workshop  Connectivity VicWISE: Leadership to address employability challenges faced by international students Ms Brooke Young,
Ms Sharon Smith,
Ms Anna McLeod,
Ms Manorani Guy
 ePoster  Communication and Information  Education Gamification in Action – A Change for Future Mr John Zamen,
Dr Dinusha Dharmaratna,
Mrs Stephanie Joshua-Anandappa


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