Conference Program

This program is provisional and will be updated as planning proceeds, so please check this page regularly. Times may change in the final program.

Tuesday 1 December 2015
0800 Registration
0830-1630 Professional Development Day
Tuesday’s PD sessions are an additional cost to attend and not included in the conference registration fee.
Schools Day PD Workshops PD Workshops
Delacombe  Huntingfield Stradbroke
0900-1030 Beyond Standard 5 … meeting minimum standards for under-18 international students
Daisy Adams & Gary Bourton
Introduction to student advising
Mary Ann Seow, Sylvia Hooker
Mental health first aid
Orania Tokatlidis
1030-1100 Morning Tea for PD Participants | Foyer, Pullman on the Park
1100-1230 Integration & cohesion of Asian (and particularly Chinese) youth in Australian Schools
Guest Speaker: Joanna Zhu
Panel: Melanie Duncan, Michelle Wang, Emilia Fields, Natalie Siritzky
Continued… Continued…
1230-1330 Lunch for PD Participants | Foyer, Pullman on the Park Roundtable NAGCAS
Latrobe Uni of Melb.
1330-1500 Effective subject support & improving English competency 
Panel: Angela Bielby, Sue Katsavos, Helen Nicholls-Stary, Emilia Fields
Critical incidents management
Sylvia Hooker
Internationals students and privacy of informationCharlotte Long


Roundtable of Local and State Governments: Holistic Support for International Students

By invitation only
Careers for international students
1500-1530 Afternoon Tea for PD Participants | Foyer, Pullman on the Park
1530-1700 Teaching international students problem solving, assertiveness and leadership skills
Guest Speaker:Deborah Eyles
Roleplay presentation:Manorani Guy
Continued… Continued… Continued…
1700-1900 Welcome Reception | Stradbroke Foyer, Pullman on the Park


Wednesday 2 December 2015
0800 Registration | Foyer
0700 Speakers Preparation Room Open | Hotham
Opening Session | Ballroom 2-3
Chair: Mary Ann Seow, ISANA President

Welcome to Country | Aunty Carolyn Briggs, Elder of the Boon Wurrung People
Official Opening | Deputy Lord Mayor Susan Riley

Keynote Speakers
0915-1000 Dominic Scott, Chief Executive of the UK Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA)
A rough guide and round-up on international student issues in the UK
1000-1045 Professor Susan Elliott, Deputy Provost and Deputy Vice-Chancellor International, University of Melbourne
Collaborations and the makings of the global graduate
1045-1115 Morning Tea & ePosters | Foyer
Community Panel | Ballroom 2-3
Chair: Melanie Duncan, La Trobe University

The Community Panel brings together Community and Sports Groups to highlight the collaborative work they do with institutions and with international students as their target audience. As international students spend much of their time off campus, services and interactions outside the institutions can play a crucial role in fostering interactions, connectedness and wellbeing. This panel discussion highlights the benefits of such collaborations and opportunities for further collaborations.

Panellists: Peter Hichaaba – The Couch, Meaghan Williams – Welcome Dinner Project, Parsu Sharma-Luita – FECCA, Jane McGough – Melbourne Football Club
Plenary Session – Ombudsman’s Office
Chair: Sharon Smith, City of Melbourne

The Overseas Students Ombudsman: Connecting and collaborating with other overseas student complaint handlers to provide a positive student experience
Melita Hoskin, Assistant Director, Overseas Students Ombusdman

1300 Lunch & ePosters | Foyer
Concurrent Session 1
Academic Collaborations Working with Community International Students Social Networks and Information Seeking Workshop Workshop
Room Ballroom 1 Ballroom 2 Ballroom 3 Stradbroke Huntingfield
Chair Donna Velliaris Terry McGrath Alex Prentice
1400-1425 Thinking beyond the classroom in internationalised higher education: Learning from six teacher education graduates who have gone home 
Dr Vivienne Anderson*, Dr Lee Smith

Retirees – A hidden resource to welcome international students into the community
Andrea Kornhoff*, Dan Morgan*
Myth busting stereotypes: The connections, disconnections and benefits of international student social networks
Dr Catherine Gomes*, Shanton Chang, Lyndell Jacka, David Coulter, Basil Alzougool, Dora Constantinidis

Intercultural competence – Enabling reflection
Helen Warren*, Emily Tzu-Ping Ou
#Whanau4Life – An Indigenous cultural based international student alumni engagement strategy
Jason King*, Elberta Chan
1430-1455 Teaching you, teaching me: Onshore and offshore international students collaboration and support of Australian transnational academics
Dr Kath Lynch
The benefits and challenges of working with a community group
Bronwyn Gilson*, Ashleigh Dempster
The importance of collaboration in providing information to students
Shanton Chang, Dr Catherine Gomes*, Lyndell Jacka, David Coulter, Basil Alzougool, Dora Constantinidis
1500-1530 Afternoon Tea & ePosters | Foyer
Special Interest Forums
Ballroom 1 Stradbroke Hopetoun Ballroom 2 Huntingfield Ballroom 3
Chairs Karen Taylor Amy Kyriakopoulos Jo Fischer & Emilia Fields Claire Croker Alister Quinn Kee Hung Tiong
1530-1700 Counsellors Under 18 Students Schools  Compliance and Academic Progress Monitoring Utilising Alumni Services Use of Technology for Pre and Post Departure
1700 Sessions End
Dress for Dinner
1800-1830 Highlights Tour of MCG (bookings essential) | Meet tour guides in foyer area outside Gate 2 (between light towers 1 & 6)
1830 All dinner Guests meet for special performance | Foyer area outside Gate 2 (between light towers 1 & 6)
1900 till Late Conference Dinner ‘COLOURS OF OUR CODES/SPORTS‘ | Members Dining Room, Level 2, MCG
Thursday 3 December 2015
0800 Registration | Foyer
0800 Speakers Preparation Room Open | Hotham
Industry Panel | Ballroom 2-3
Chair: Diana Crvenkovic, International Education, Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources

The Industry Panel will consist of employers who are current employers or hosts of International Student workplace internships. The panel will highlight the challenges and opportunities of working with institutions and international students. There will also be a discussion of the important topic of how institutions can work with industry to enhance student employability.

Panellists: Racquel Shroff – Global Education Solutions, Derinda Smith – Australian Computer Society, Dr Noel Edge – Graduate Careers Australia, Heather Hill – Deloitte
1100 Morning Tea & ePosters | Foyer
Concurrent Session 2
Theme Track Working with Peer Groups Models of Student Support Employability and International Students Student Safety and Wellbeing Workshop
Room Ballroom 1 Ballroom 2 Ballroom 3 Stradbroke Huntingfield
Chair Bronwyn Gilson Jason Cushen Manorani Guy Joshua Wong
1130-1155 Collaborations in providing services to international students; using a Peer Model Delivery Service
Bahareh Saberi
The discipline embedded International Student Advisor: A collaborative model for academic and non-academic support and advisement for international students
Dr Kath Lynch
Collaborations to enhance international student employability: The Victorian Case Study
Diana Crvenkovic
International students and crime: New research findings
Dr Helen Forbes-Mewett
‘World-travelling’ as a framework for strengths-based support in internationalised education
Dr Vivienne Anderson
1200-1225 Inspiring students’ creative and performing arts interests in collaborative university and community programs through iStage – Intercultural Sharing of Talent and Art Groups Enthusiasts 
Maria Victoria McCarthy*, Uma Parvathy Krishnasamy, Yousef Farouk Kurashi
International student satisfaction with support services: A driver for campus internationalization 
Adriana Perez-Encinas*, Ravi Ammigan*
Melbourne Global Careers 2015 – A virtual international careers fair for international students in Victoria 
Sharon Smith, Racquel Shroff
Community safety and international students understanding of Australian Law
PART 2 The outcomes

Desma Smith
1230-1255 Working with student volunteers in a community setting
Sharon Smith
Working across sectors: Providing a collaborative service to under 18 year students transitioning from UNSW Global Foundation to UNSW Australia
Louise Tabrum*, Kasia Orlando

English communication skills and employability
Cath Moore

Building networks across sectors and communities to enhance student experience
Alex Prentice
1300-1430 Lunch & ePosters | Foyer (Regional Campuses Networking | Huntingfield)
1330-1430 ISANA AGM | Ballroom 1
Keynote Speaker | Ballroom 2-3
Chair: Jason Cushen, University of Otago

Experts or all of us? Global realities about our changing world
Sam Johnson

1530 Afternoon Tea & ePosters
Special Interest Forums Special Interest Forums
Ballroom 1 Huntingfield Hopetoun Ballroom 2 Stradbroke Ballroom 3
Chairs Shanton Chang Melanie Duncan Brett Lyon Jason Cushen Molly Bonnefin Claire Croker
1600-1730 Career Mentoring and Placements International Admissions and Marketing Language and learning Directors and Office Managers Accommodation Services Creative Solutions for Orientation activities 
1730 Sessions End
Free Evening

Friday 4 December 2015
0800 Registration | Foyer
0800 Speakers Preparation Room Open | Hotham
Plenary Session | Ballroom 2-3
0900 Opening & Housekeeping
Health Services Panel
Chair: Mary Pozzobon, Allianz Assistance

The Health Service Panel brings together attending health service providers to discuss current challenges and insights in supporting the wellbeing of international students. Current issues around educating hospitals and other service providers, as well as health professionals will be discussed.

Panellists: Budi Sudarto – Health Promotion Team, Victorian AIDS Council, Alison Coelho – Centre of Culture, Ethnicity and Health, Kim-Jane Turudia – Medical Services Practice Manager, Deakin University
1000-1030 Morning Tea & ePosters
Concurrent Session 3
Working with Student Associations Sexual Health Symposium
Academic Collaboration Doctoral Consortium
Workshop / Paper
Room Ballroom 1 Ballroom 2 Ballroom 3 Stradbroke Huntingfield
Chair Difie Boakye-Mensah & Kofi Osei Bonsu Shanton Chang Edward Pember Cat Gomes & Kath Lunch Yvonne Giltinan
1030-1055 The role of student associations in providing community involvement and Integration between domestic and international students
Adriana Perez-Encinass

Sexual health promotion strategies for international university students: Recommendations from students
Dr Georgia Babatsikos, Kim-Jane Turudia*,
A clearer pathway to institutionalising academic integrity: Distinguishing between collaboration and collusion
Dr Donna Velliaris

Bringing international students into the centre: transnationalism, agency and the city

Paula Dunstan

Join a Job Club- A collaborative approach that enhances student outcomes and employability
Yvonne Giltinan
1100-1125 Reflecting upon student experience as a collaborator in providing services for students
Sirirat Chaunkamnerdkarn, Amanda Nyasha Green
Health and Wellbeing Collaborative sessions: Getting the message across to international students in a fun and informative way
Isabelle Droulers, Jennifer Hsu
Building bridges: Collaboration for student success
Dr Vanessa Reher, Dr Vanessa Schneider, Dr Cristiane Albuquerque, Kim Cartwright*, Ryan Keen*, Shona Burton
Saudi international students’ perception about services provided by Victorian Universities
Naif Daifullah Alsulami
1130-1155 Wellbeing and inclusiveness: Working with international student associations
Difie Boakye-Mensah, Kofi Osei Bonsu – CISA
Health and Wellbeing Collaborative and interactive session: getting the message across to a captive audience at orientation
Laurynda Giles
Improving re-entry preparation programmes for international graduates returning to a diverse range of countries
Sylvia Hooker*, Terry McGrath*
Information seeking challenges when moving across cultures: The case of Saudi female international students in Australia
Haifa Binsahl*, Shanton Chang, Rachelle Bosua

Partnered Allianz Global Education (PAGE): Global partnering in international student services
David Bycroft
1200-1300 Lunch & ePosters
Concurrent Session 4
Theme Track Collaboration Across Sectors Sexual Health Symposium
Transition from Foundation Studies Doctoral Consortium
Room Ballroom 1 Ballroom 2 Ballroom 3 Stradbroke Huntingfield
Chair Kee Hung-Tiong Shanton Chang Wendy Blastock Cat Gomes & Kath Lunch
1300-1325 The Welcome Dinner Project – Changing the face of Australian society one dinner at a time!
Penny Elsley

ISANA Survey of Sexual Health Support






Open Discussion on research and services supporting the sexual health of international students, highlighting challenges and strategies for institutions, in collaboration with health service providers.

Collaboration with La Trobe University in providing services to international students at La Trobe Melbourne Navitas Bundoora Ltd
Usha Rao
Factors influencing Vietnamese students’ decision to study abroad and selection of the host institution and host country: Implication for marketing strategies
Tran Le Huu Nghia

1330-1355 Collaboration and partnerships across multiple sectors – contributing to Defence’s strategic and development goals through international education and training, with a focus on customised student support throughout the scholarship life-cycle
Sylvia Wheeler, Alison White*
Beyond the practicalities of newness: the benefits of an extended orientation
Rinskje Bruinsma
How media technologies and cultural backgrounds affect the pursuit of spiritual well-being among international students
Joshua Wong

1400-1425 Academic learning support and interdepartmental collaborations – enhancing student transition and retention
Ed Pember
Open discussion on doing research in international education
1430-1500 Afternoon Tea & ePosters
Closing Plenary | Ballroom 2-3
Chair: Catherine Gomes, RMIT

Student Panel
The Student Panel highlights international students’ thoughts on the papers at the conference and what has been discussed. It’s a way to give the international students the “final say”. It asks them the questions: “What else needs to be done in providing more collaborative services to international students?”, “What were the highlights and inspirations?”, “What other services might help?”

Panellists: Difie Boakye-Mensah, Kofi Osei Bonsu – CISA, Amanda Waninga – UNE, Helena Nendongo – Monash College, Sonia Barnsley – Griffith University, Samuel Onuoha – Challenger WA
1600-1630 Conference Handover & Close



Supporting the academic success of international students through an Academic Monitoring Programme
Kelly Atherton

Confidence booster – English Conversation Groups 
Seon Nyeong Kim

Sun, sand and safety – Working together to promote beach safety
Sue Oulton, Wendy Blastock, David Holland, Mounil Kadakia

Case study of the organic life cycle of a grassroots peer community: Fertilising the ‘hidden’ social networks under the surface of student support
Neville Smith, Myra Lee

Paving positive pathways: Pre-university programs and professional partnerships
Donna M Velliaris, Luis J Frenzel

Scholarly collaborations: Advancing the literature on short-term, cross border, offshore and outbound mobility experiences
Donna M Velliaris


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