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You can apply for a Turkish business visa if you are a Turkish national wishing: ECAA 4.1 In order to meet the ECAA business person requirement, the applicant must meet all the following requirements: Turkish nationals can apply for a Turkish contractor subject to the visa requirement if you wish to start a new business or help set up a business in the UK. This visa gives the applicant a limited right to work. Applicants can start a business and are therefore considered independent. ECAA 6.3. If the applicant completes the ECAA business person, he or she receives the residence permit for up to 36 months. (a) provide evidence that they have invested or will invest sufficient funds or assets in the business or business in relation to their interest in the business or business; and one. You need to have a business idea/plan for your proposed business. A Turkish business visa allows the applicant to stay in the UK for at least 12 months and renew their visa for a further three years. If you want to renew your visa and not find all the necessary documents, you can stay in the UK for a year. (i) a written statement of the conditions under which they enter the business; And there is no specified amount of investment required to apply for a Turkish business person visa, unlike the categories of investors (US$2 million, $5 million or $10 million) or innovators ($50,000). (b) the applicant has created or plans to create or create one or more real businesses in the United Kingdom; and the guidelines of the Ministry of the Interior for Turkish businessmen contain strict requirements for documents to be submitted in support of a visa application for Turkish entrepreneurs, although there are few legal requirements under the immigration rules applicable to this category.

(a) the applicant must have an authorization as a business person of the ECAA; and the end of the road for this category will therefore be whether all those who are in the UK as Turkish businessmen (and their partners and children) have indefinite leave to stay in the ECAA schedule. Some eligibility requirements will be specific to the new ILR routes for people under the ECAA. (e) where the type of business requires mandatory accreditation, registration or insurance, whether accreditation, registration or insurance has been obtained. Master Legal Services has extensive experience in processing and organizing business visas. Please contact us today to agree on a first consultation with one of our experienced immigration consultants. 2. They must have the financial capacity to create the business successfully; (ii) charge for existing transactions for the 12 months prior to the application date; and (e) demonstrate that their share of the company`s profits is sufficient to rely on itself and all dependants; and (d) the applicant does intend to operate or actually have one or more businesses in the United Kingdom. The category of Turkish entrepreneurs requires a lot of work on paper and the necessary business proposal must be prepared professionally. It should contain your estimates and financial expenses of your proposed business.


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